Probate is the court supervised administration of an estate. Even if you have a will, your executor will probably need to probate your estate. 


A conservatorship is appropriate if you have a special needs child or a loved one who has not previously appointed someone to manage their finances through a Durable Power of Attorney and who can no longer manage their affairs.

Trust Administration

A Trust is a complicated legal document.  The Trustee has a fiduciary relationship to the beneficiaries. We guide Trustee's through their duties and responsibilities to ensure they complete administration.

Special Needs

Do you have a child with a mental or physical deficiency?  Are you afraid your child will be taken advantage of by others?  We can make sure the parent retains control of a child with special needs.

Elder Law

Our society is aging. The elderly sometimes need special protections from predators. California Elder Law offers unique protections to the elderly. The Jordan Law Office helps families protect their elders.