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Life insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning. If something happens to you, life insurance allows for you to provide for your family even if you are no longer with them. The amount of life insurance depends on your families needs. The are different types of life insurance that are used for different needs. 

Scott Jordan is licensed with the California Department of Insurance (Lic. # 0L57396).

Term Life Insurance - In exchange for a monthly or yearly premium paid to the insurance, if something happens to you, the insurance company will pay your family a lump sum amount. The amount of insurance is up to you. A typical policy provides coverage for 20 years and expires at the end of the term.

Whole Life Insurance - Whole life insurance is often referred to a permanent life insurance. It is a bit more expensive than Term Life but has more benefits connected to it. Whole life has a cash value component that can be used by the policy holder. In addition, if the insured dies, there is a death benefit as well.

Annuities - An annuity is a financial device that allows you to save now, let that savings grow and then receive a payout later in life. There are many different products. We can help you navigate the various annuity products available to you and choose the one right for you.